Shawn brings you a selection of gemstones, jewelry, mineral & fossil specimens in an educational format. Shawn creates one new show a week. We will offer his most recent shows for streaming whenever you like!

If you see something you would like to purchase write down the item # and call into the showroom 1-888-791-7787 and they will take your order for you. We are here 24/7 so call any time! 

Here is Shawn's 9-20-21 Show

Shawn's next show is planned for Monday, September 27th. Watch it on YouTube!

Want to see more of Shawn?  Check out his video series on "How to" - See how jewelry experts fix, alter and create jewelry in these educational videos.

Past Shows: Here are Shawn's previous four shows.

Here is Shawn's 9-14-21 Show

Here is Shawn's 9-6-21 Show

Here is Shawn's 8-30-21 Show

Here is Shawn's 8-23-21 Show

Tell Shawn what you want to see or learn about:

Shawn loves to hear your feedback and your suggestions on what you would like to learn about or see on his shows. Send him a note and he will try to incorporate ideas he receives into his show plans! NOTE: SHAWN WILL NOT BE RESPONDING TO MESSAGES UNTIL HIS NEXT VIDEO SHOW IS FILMED.  
Write Shawn here 

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