About the Gem Shopping Network™

After a few minutes of watching our shows, you will quickly realize that we are different. Our hosts combine entertainment and education while presenting rare gemstones and fine jewelry. You will have an interactive, attentive experience from the privacy of your home. Our true fans watch us for so many reasons. The fine, designer merchandise, rare gemstones, estate jewelry, collectibles, and interesting minerals from the earth are only part of our story. Our vast array of on-air personalities and guests will not only show you these amazing, unique pieces, they also show their senses of humor, share personal stories and provide valuable insight into the jewelry industry. An interesting fact about our programming is that people watch our show for education and entertainment, and while watching, a piece inevitably catches their eye and they have to have it.

The Gem Shopping Network™ went on air May 10th, 1997. However, Graduate Gemologist, Frank M. Circelli, was the host of the first and original colored gemstone show on TV more than twenty years ago. It was this experience that filled Mr. Circelli with ideas for a new exciting shopping channel based on the wonderful world of gemology. One thing he was certain of was he wanted to have the network founded on three principles: Honesty, Integrity and Education. The original Gem Shopping Network™ was seen on weekends and only by a small audience of satellite viewers.

Gem Shopping Network™ now reaches more than 40 million households all across America and prides itself in showing high-quality and affordable gemstones and fine jewelry from all over the world. Gem Shopping Network™ offers mostly 14k-24k gold, higher graded accent diamonds, fine to finest quality colored stones as well as precision craftsmanship. We do not sell any man-made or synthetic gemstones. It is our belief that a customer's money is far better spent on the real thing.

We have in-house jewelry artisans, award-winning gemstone cutters and a staff of graduate gemologists.

After several trials with various products, personalities, and show themes, Mr. Circelli finally established a perfect blend of relationships with top notch jewelry manufacturers, gemstone cutters, and hosts to become a great source of fine, exquisite jewelry and collectibles...

Features of Gem Shopping Network™

  • Top Gem World Class™ gemstones
  • Fine, exquisite designer jewelry
  • Shop our TV show from our website or by phone by calling 888-791-7787  
  • Entertaining and knowledgeable on-air sales hosts
  • No synthetic or man made gemstones except where they are period appropriate
  • On-site jewelry designers with a full working jewelry studio
  • Friendly, attentive service

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