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Watch Shawn on YouTube! Watch Shawn on YouTube!

Watch Shawn's show on YouTube. Here is a link!



Shawn brings you a selection of gemstones, jewelry, mineral & fossil specimens in an educational format. Shawn creates one new show a week. We will offer his most recent shows for streaming on YouTube to watch whenever you like!

If you see something you would like to purchase write down the item # and call into the sales floor 1-888-791-7787 and they will take your order for you. We are here 24/7 so call any time! 

Shawn loves to hear your feedback and your suggestions on what you would like to learn about & see on his shows. Send him questions at and he will try to answer them on his next show. If you are new to Shawn's show check it out on YouTube here is a link Watch Shawn's show on YouTube.


Each week Shawn gives away one free item on his podcast drawn from the correct answers to his trivia quiz he receives via email. If you want to be included simply submit your trivia quiz answers within two days of his show post on YouTube and you can be included! How do you know what the trivia answers are? Just watch Shawn's show to learn both the question and the answer to the trivia question, each week he has a new trivia question.  The winner is drawn by random from the correct answers received each week but remember your entry must be received within two days of the show post. 


Submit the trivia answer by sending an email to To be included you must type in the subject line "SHAWN'S TRIVIA CONTEST" and we require your first and last name, phone number with area code, and your zip code. This information is required so we can process winners.

Only correct trivia answers received on time are included in the drawing. Shawn announces a winner almost every week on his show and he also tries to answer any questions you have that were included in the emails he receives.  


If there is something on Shawn's show you see and want to buy you need to write down the item number presented on Shawn's show and call our sales floor where they can process your order for you. CALL 1-888-791-7787 Please note that most items sell fast and are often not available for more than a few days. If you see something that is no longer available send Shawn a note and see if he can find a similar piece for you.

Once more, to enter the trivia quiz send:

1. Address your email with your answer to the trivia question to

2. In the subject line enter “SHAWN'S TRIVIA CONTEST”

3. You are required to include your full name, phone and zip code 

4. Don't forget to include your answer to the Trivia Question for that week's show! Only correct answers are eligible for the drawing. 

Then watch the next show on YouTube to see if you are a winner! Here is a link Watch Shawn's show on YouTube.