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Laurie on 5-9-21

Purchased a ring

Love this ring, it is so different than any ring I own, looks so much better in person than on t.v. I love Gem Shopping!

Linda on 5-6-21

Purchased a ring

Ordered my size 5.75. Was too big. Sent back .they resized to a5.5 now fits perfectly

Wendy on 5-6-21

Purchased opals

I love watching Mark T. Great prices on diamonds. Hoping to get a multi diamond parcel ring soon. I have now completed my four piece set of boulder opals. I have a pendant and ring that are similar in color and earrings and bracelet that are a little darker and they match. I just received the bracelet and love it.

Rhonda on 4-27-21

Purchased a pendant

I ordered a pendant and I thought that I could get billed in a very professional way... by they called and called as they need a new card as the the card had maxed out. They needed this card immediately.  I had 25 peole over and it was extremly inconvirence for a me service their exact needs. I tired to explain on number attempts that i would call in later. They acted like the world was coming to an end if I did not deal with this immediately. I explained that I had 25 people over for dinner and they were so insensitive that I had to drop everything to take care of this.

Kelly on 4-27-21

Purchased a ring

I ordered this item on March 27, 2021 and was told it would be 7-10 days. I said ok. The item was purchased as soon as it came on the tv screen. I have called Cust. Svc on 4 different occasions asking where my order is and each time I was told something different First two times I spoke with one person and last two times I spoke with a different person. Now today I just received a call from CS telling me the item was, not available and the vendor could not come up with another one. I give the company a F- in customer service.

Debra on 2-16-21

Purchased a ring

Thrilled with the quality of the emerald ring I received. It is stunning. Mr. Effy is an outstanding designer, my favorite. Would love to be able to purchase one of his critters some day.

Barbara on 2-12-21

Purchased a ring

So pleased with my beautifully made ring purchased from Mike

Bonnie on 2-3-21

Purchased a ring

This ring is beautiful and very nice quality! 

Caren on 1-31-21

Purchased a ring

Never received it. After 3 weeks and 3-4 inquiries I was I finally told that my rubies were broken and it would be 4-5 more weeks until I got a new pair

Sheila on 1-25-21

Purchased a ring 

Little diamond figure 8 ring purchased for my granddaughter , having her first baby .your program keeps me sane !

Sheridan on 1-6-21

Purchased a handbag

I received my bag today and it is lovely! Looks brand new and is everything you’d expect from a high end bag. I have already got it ready to go for my outings tomorrow! My grandmother was the handbag buyer for a large department store so I know a nice bag when I see one.

Joseph on 12-20-20 

Purchased a ring

We just received the red spinal ring that we had purchased from Kyle on 12/21/20. My wife loves it and so do I. Fantastic job GSN!

R on 12-2-20

Purchased a ring

1ct tw dia. platinum estate ring. Resizing is excellent, high polish is done extremely well. It is hard to find this design and style anymore. More than satisfied. Don't hesitate to call in for off air pricing, I was leary but in the end it turned out to be a nice price.

Catherine on 11-28-20 

Purchased a ring

A stunning Emerald ring! I love it! It exceeds my expectations, Gem Shopping Network has earned my trust! Thank You for putting a smile on my face and keeping it there! Blessed Holidays!

Maura on 11-13-20

Purchased a necklace

Just got this pearl necklace and it exceeds expectations. The "purple" color is deeper than shown on TV. I've bought several David Norman pearl items. I love pearls...I get lost in the pearl "sheen" and they provide the elegance that even a pair of jeans can use!

Diane on 11-8-20

Purchased a ring

Bought a ring. in few days over 30 day return policy the onyx stone fell out and was lost. I was told to send it in and IF it could be repaired they would contact with fee. I ask if they could reach out to the vendor and was told they don't do that and it was my problem. No help was offered on how to go about reaching vendor. No more shopping with GSN

Joan on 10-28-20

Purchased a ring

Thank you mike for the flag designs. My daughter was extremely happy with the items I purchased from you. I may buy myself something from your collection after Christmas. Thanks again the items are very beautiful. So happy with purchase.

Barbara on 10-19-20

Purchased a ring

This ring is a stunner. Supreme workmanship, beautiful design, though I think it is a small 10. The silver appears as rose gold, interestingly. As the focal point, the jasper is a rusty, beautiful, organic, brick red, much less bright than appeared on the tube. As a new customer, I am impressed with the package that was sent, including a beautiful purple Effy scarf to look oh so fashionable in. Thank you, GSN.

Betty on 10-2-20

Purchased a ring 

Minor fissures in the emerald (which I expected), but otherwise clean with a rich green color. I LOVE it!

Ann Marie on 9-17-20 

Purchased several pieces

I first shopped with hesitation and needless to say 4 more purchases could'nt be more satisfied with the process and quality product. The customer reps as well as the customer service dept were excellent and a credit to Gem Shopping.

Carol on 8-31-20

Purchased a ring

I received my ring this morning. It is just beautiful. Everything was exactly as you described. It's really the second item I purchased. The first was a blue lapis necklace and I wear it all the time. So I'm very comfortable ordering from the TV now. The ring I just got is platinum with clear white diamonds. It is just beautiful.

Sylvia on 8-23-20

Purchased a ring

I ordered a small pink & white diamond ring 6/21/20. I received the ring promptly. However, the wrong ring was sent to me. I immediately called Gem Shopping & have spoken to numerous people over the past 2 months. They have never refunded me the shipping & insurance costs plus my cost of shipping this ring back to them. I am fed up with this company and will NEVER buy anything else from them.

Wana on 8-23-20 

I stumbled across this network just surfing through channels and have been hooked ever since. Not only can you purchase some beautiful pieces, but you learn a lot about stones in general. I've tried a few pieces (set of earrings and 2 rings that I have received so far) and they have been gorgeous! The clarity on my diamond earrings is truly commendable (and I'm fussy with diamonds). I got a yellow and white diamond ring (returned for sizing) that was stunning out of the box and that caught my eye immediately. I really wished I had sized it from the beginning but wanted to be sure it was not being returned. And I then got a blue zircon ring equally stunning. I'm not big on the extra-large stones so I shop for the smaller carat size but although small in weight, all have been gorgeous. I am totally confident at this point that product is real and exactly what they sell it to be. Customer service has been great and have taken extra measures to be sure I get to see what I'm requesting even to find other pieces that I have requested. They are pleasant to speak with and have patience! I have a few more items on order that I haven't gotten as yet, but I'm excited! If there was anything of slight negativity to say, it would be the "zoomed" in appearances of the product. While it greatly shows the detail of the item and all it's beauty (or not), it can be misleading as to the actual size of the product you are receiving. So you have to stay mindful of the zoom factor. The best is to always be sure you see your piece on a person's hand or in hand to get a perspective of what it will be like on you. But other than that, I am truly sold. I have found a new jeweler. There are some turntables that have great deals on them. Be watchful and you can get some stunning pieces for very affordable prices. I did some comparison shopping this weekend and was surprised at the prices of some items out there. When compared you'll see that GSN does offer reasonable pricing for comparable if not better product. Now I just need to get some matching earrings to what I have received and I'll be good to go. Thank you GSN. You've given me a new appreciation for Gemstones!

Dawn on 8-18-20

purchased a ring

I was very pleased with the ring as it was sized by GSN, being a by pass style I didn't know if the ring would maintain the same design integrity. It actually looked better. The diamonds glisten and really catch the light. The weight is substantial and very comfortable. This was only my 2nd purchase from GSN but I have been pleased with both items.

Nichole on 8-16-20 

Purchased a ring 

GORGEOUS! Let start off by saying WOW! I've wanted a Morganite ring for so long. So being obsessed with GSN my opportunity had arrived! Being that I didn’t have a large budget I wanted to make sure what I bought was the best of the best I knew I had to purchase it here. It was early morning and there was a table with multiple items which was all under $xx. That’s when I seen it! The light had shine down and it caught my eye right away. It is a 4.27 ct Morganite Pear & 0.27 ctw Pink Diamond 14K Rose Gold Ring! Majorityy of my jewelry is rose gold, including my wedding set, so this was perfect. I had it sized right away without any fear that I wouldn’t like it. Took a bit longer of course for shipping because of the sizing but what can I expect. Let me tell you SO WORTH THE WAIT! It is so perfect such a nice rich color and with PINK diamonds wooohaaaa! I could go on and on but I won't. Everything from start to finish was exceptional. From customer service to delivery. I have nothing but amazing respect for this company for doing what they do. Thank you GSN for such a wonderful experience.

Kim on 8-11-20

Purchased a ring

On early Friday morning, I won this awesome ring during an auction. I have been wanting an Australian Black Opal ring for a long time. Everything was fine until i realized that I didn't changed my address online. After that it went downhill. The rep. took my new address and told me that they needed to verify the information from my bank. What she forgot to tell me is that the process can take up to 3 to 5 days or that the person that usually does the verification does not come in until next week. I didn't know that until I call later that day. I was told that it can takes up to 3 to 5 days to do the verification. I was also told the person that does this will not be in the office until Monday. I was not happy but keep thinking it is only one day. I kept checking on Monday to see if there has been any update on my order. I didn't see any, so around 1PM on Monday I called the customer service number to inquire. The rep. that answered the call was unprofessional. I informed him that I was told that the person that does the verification was going to be in on Monday. He told me, that she has never worked on Monday since he has been here. I told him that what I was told when I called in on Friday. He again stated that the verification person never worked on Monday since he been there. He asked a supervisor to step in and check my address. Not sure what address they used, but I think that they used my old address since he keeps stating XXX. I told him that I have moved and my new address is XXX. He came back and said that only the zipcode was correct everything else didn't match. I went into my bank and check the address listed on there and it was correct XXX. I got so frustrated by the whole incident, I asked him to cancel my order. I don't understand your process. Did anyone went online to check and see that i have changed my address and used that to verify with my bank?

Wana on 7-29-20

Purchased earrings

This was my first purchase and so many good things to say. These earrings are very nice, very clean, not that gloomy grey look when you get really included stones. I know they looked great on the air and then equally good at home. But also worth of mentioning is the great attention paid to proper packaging for shipment. They were wrapped so that they were intact in the box and no chance of bouncing all over the place during transit. I am quite pleased with this purchase and am now very excited to get the ring I also purchased a day or so later. I tried to take a picture that really showed them, but it’s hard to do and get the best angle on them so I hope you can see how pretty these are (not the studs, those were already mine). Watch for the bargain wheels, with a good eye you can really get some great deals! Enjoy.

Georgina on 7-29-20

Purchased a necklace

Sterling silver baroque pearl necklace. This was one of Mike's Deal of the Day items. Love it! Took longer cause they couldn't get my address right but I finally got it! I love it! So pretty. Can dress it up or down. I attached a photo. Thank you Mike! Enjoy watching you!

Leah on 7-24-20 

Purchased a ring

I called on a star sapphire that looking amazing on tv. I asked them if it was a strong clean star, I've been looking for a few months. They assured me it was. When I received the ring the star was a big white cloud. I ended up sending it back, only to find out it was going to cost me about $50.00 that the deducted and another $40.00 to ship it back. My loss was 90.00.

Christina on 7-11-20

I've watched GSN since 2005, I've learned a tremendous amount about gems, cutting style, how to choose the best cut and clarity as well as how these magnificent things were formed in the earth. I will continue to watch them and continue to learn and appreciate all of the things this magnificent planet has produced for those of us who appreciate these things and enjoy collecting them.

Carol on 7-5-20

Purchased earrings 

So disappointed to find my Temple St Claire earrings cheaper at another store. At xx they are 55 percent of versus 40 percent off at Gem Shopping.. this is not the first time I have noticed this. I love shopping there and have bought many items but know I don't know. Also, on tv they said my earrings are diamond, emerald and sapphire but gem report just says diamond and emerald. 

Bonnie on 6-24-20

Purchased a bracelet

Beautiful bracelet you can see the pink diamonds on it and i really like it bunches!

Donna on 6-22-20

Purchased earrings

I purchased pink diamond earrings but they do not match. One goes on the ear at an angle, like a triangle, and the other one goes on the ear as a square. You cannot change them because of where posts are placed. I am not going to send them back because it is too expensive and too much trouble. 

then changed it to

Noelle on 6-16-20

Purchased a ring

(1 star) Return item because diamond fell out, and they claimed it was not defective, and didn't refund shipping that came to 175 or more.

(5 stars) This review is for the manager of customer service, Audry who did an outstanding job in helping me. Inpurchase 3 place vendome rings, each one had a problem. Audry listened to my concerns, and accommodate all of my requests, and I cannot thank her enough. She is a huge asset to the company. I worked with some other agents who were not helpful, but when I reached her, she was eas and continues to help me with all of my problems.

Cheryl on 6-12-20

Purchased earrings

Husband got me these beautiful emerald earrings for our 25th anniversary. They are so gorgeous and my husband is the most wonderful man alive! Thank you GemShopping!

Clark and Justine 6-4-20

Purchased a ring

Our sales representative was exceptional. Patient, polite and knowledgeable, Jason never made us feel rushed during the entire process. Jason made us feel comfortable with our purchase, not once did he lead us to believe that our concerns or questions were not worth answering. In fact we want the world to know what exceptional service he gave us as first time buyers on the Gem Shopping Network! If you are looking to purchase gemstones and Jewelry we recommend and we urge you to ask for Jason! We had such a blast and in fact requested Jason a few nights later and bought another ring from the show! Once again he made our night and impressed us with his customer service. Both of the rings we received were stunning and are truly beautiful cant wait to get them appraised. Pink Diamond and Paraiba Tourmaline what a deal! Thank you again Jason... 

Maribeth on 5-29-20

Purchased a pendant

Oh my goodness. This is two necklaces in one. The gold filigree back side of the pendant is just as beautiful as the stunning, sparkling front side. I can't wait to wear it flipped over with a longer chain over a sweater this Autumn.

Denna on 5-14-20

Purchased an emerald ring

I purchased a Zambian Emerald ring 2 years ago (just for the emerald). I took it to my jeweler to have it remounted, he said the emerald was FANTASTIC and worth 3x what I paid for it. Thanks for allowing me to own a wonderful gem at a great price.

Donna on 5-8-20 

Purchased a pendant

Purchase mandarin garnet pendant rose gold with chain did not receive chain called they told me I received chain pictures showed a yellow gold pendant and chain picture not what I ordered will not be ordering from them again.

Laura on 4-6-20

Purchased a ring

I just made a couple of Kat Florence purchases. Products from Don Kogan have been exceptional and the staff are professional and polite.

Pam on 4-2-20

I have made several purchases from GSN starting in early 2018. All have been awesome Native American pieces. Mike is the hardest-working man on TV! And one of the best of us all. I've been nothing but thrilled w/the products & the customer service here. Can't wait to buy more!

Rose on 3-24-2020

Purchased a ring

I just received my pear shaped ruby ring with yellow and white diamonds. I was blown away. It’s so beautiful. Just perfect. It’s a gift from my husband for our wedding anniversary. Thank you Liam!

Kristin on 3-11-2020

Purchased Cirari Earrings and pendant

Oh heavens. I received my weekend purchase from the Cirari event this past weekend. The pendant and earrings are perfectly matched and more than I had hoped. This was not my first purchase, but this one really blew me away! I had selected the pendant and they took time showing a variety of earrings with it. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see the new collection return. I continue to be a frequent shopper and a delighted owner of purchases from Gem Shopping Network.!

Erin on 3-4-2020

Purchased a ring

Very happy with my shopping experience. I purchased a beautiful sapphire ring. I returned an aquamarine ring, and found the return process very easy. My credit card was refunded quickly. 

Leslie on 3-3-2020

Purchased a ring

Sooo very happy with my ring it’s beautiful and red red not pinkish purple red!!! My photo isn’t doing it justice! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sandy on 2-13-2020

Purchased a Kat Florence ring

So beautiful! I am delighted to own; please tell Don “thank you"

Charles on 2-9-2020

Purchased a ring

Thank you for sizing my ring to a size 9 for a very small additional price before sending. This ring is the most comfortable I have ever owned, as well as being great looking!!

Laura on 2-8-2020

Purchased a diamond ring

The ring is absolutely beautiful as is everything I have purchased from Elizabeth. Excellent quality jewelry at a very reasonable price. Thank you!

Deborah on 2-8-2020

Purchased a Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Ring in Platinum

This was my first purchase with Gem Shopping Network and I couldn't be more pleased. I plan on buying all my jewelry from GSN from now on. Thank you so much!

Bonnie on 1-26-2020

Purchased a bracelet

I have been shopping with GSN for several years. Everything I have purchased has been top quality!!!! I particularly love David's pearls and wait for him to come from Australia. I buy something almost every time he comes to GSN. Today I purchase a multicolored pearl bracelet to match my necklace. Please keep coming David. Your pearls are so beautiful and the highest of quality.

Anthony on 1-2-2020

Purchased a ring

This piece is fabulous. Got 2 separate compliments first time I wore it. thanks and holiday greetings to all of you.

Rachel on 12-31-2019

Purchased a diamond pendant

First time purchaser and was very hesitant buying fine jewelry from TV. Watched GSN for 2 years shopping for pink diamonds. Sunday night I bought a heart pendant. It arrived Tuesday afternoon. That’s fast. Packaged perfectly really set my mood for seeing my purchase. Pink diamonds just don’t show well on tv when compared to opening the Cirari box in the kitchen. Was afraid I wouldn’t be able to tell if they were pink. They are I mistakenly perfect blush pink. Very well made but was not expecting the amount of fire and sparkle from this heart shaped pendant. Very very happy to be surprised.

Meryl on 12-23-2019

Purchased earrings

I purchased moonstone and gold earrings and wore them maybe 10 times. Well, one of the moonstones already fell out! Customer service advised that they only stand by their jewelry fir 30 days and I would have to ship out and pay for the repair and a new stone! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was dumped into voice mail! We shall see if they call me back.....

From Gem Shopping:

We have called Meryl back multiple times and have also offered to replace the stone that fell out for free. 

John on 9-12-19

Purchased a ring

I recently purchased a no heat yellow sapphire. It was a fairly expensive ring and I was very excited about how gorgeous it was, but when I tried it on , it wasn’t. a 6.5 as marked, but an 8.25. Since I wear a 5, it couldn’t be sized. Customer service was fantastic ! They accepted my return and promptly refunded my shipping costs both ways. You can feel confident in a company that accepts returns and rectifies any mistakes that they might make.


Julie on 8-27-19

Purchased a ring

I just received my custom ring from Ben and the stone is gorgeous. The simple gold band shows it off perfectly. Compliments to Ben on the rhodochrosite stone cutting. Thank you!

Mark on 8-22-19

Purchased a loose diamond

This is our 5th purchase from GSN My wife and I have been watching Mark the Opal Hunter for months to find a loose Diamond. Last week we finally saw the perfect 1.02 carrot cushion cut C4-C5 with a peachy color and we purchased it. We received our package yesterday with excitement and opened it up to find the wrong Diamond was shipped we received an oval diamond of unknown size Not sure how this happened but the customer service person stated there is no way to locate the actual Gem me purchased. Now I have to ship this wrong gem back at my costs and wait to be refunded my purchase price and my shipping costs. The only offer to me for there mistake is free shipping on my next order.

Carol on 8-17-19

Purchased Pink 1 ct diamond hoops in 14K rose gold

I love, love, love my pink diamond hoops I purchased recently. They are not heavy on the ear and look very nice. Thank you Hunter and Gem Sopping Network.

Cindy on 7-25-19

Purchased a demantoid garnet ring

I love this stone. This is the ring I had made. Please tell Ben thank you so much

Ann on 7-19-19

Purchased Tanzanian Spinels, & misc.gems over many years

Being a collector for over 40 yrs.,This is the only Jewelry television show on the air, that you can always trust. I started watching years ago when Frank was just starting this venture, and even learned of new finds so I could add $ value to my now huge gemstone collections. Thank You guys..

Brandy on 5-17-19

Purchased a Ring, two pendants

I purchased a Blue Fire Opal pendant during the show with Don Kogen and when It came I was amazed at how beautiful in person it really is. I also received the wrong ring or got the wrong picture (still trying to sort that out) but the neon tourmaline from Kat Florence is beautiful so I'm keeping it. The blue flashes are incredible..

Pamela on 5-8-19

Purchased amethyst diamond earrings

My first purchase with GSN just arrived and I am so pleased!!! I have two more on the way and can't wait to receive them!! Gem Shopping Network is my new favorite way to buy quality high end jewelry!!!!????

Judith on 4-9-19

Purchased a ring

A few years ago I purchased a designer looking ring and to this day I can’t take it off except to wear one of my new rings. Then back to my favorite.

Arletta on 4-1-19

Purchased earrrings

My pink and white diamond earrings came today, and they are beautiful! When I opened them I was surprised that they had so much color to them.

Helga on 3-30-19

Purchased earrings

Last November, I ordered a pair of 14kt white gold & diamond earrings on Mike & Deanna's show. Instead, I received a pair of amethyst & diamond earrings. I called GSN's Customer Service dept. right away, and informed them of the mistake. They sent me a prepaid shipping label, & I shipped the item back the very next day. Several weeks later, after checking with my credit card company, I was informed that only the original price of the item had been credited, & not the original shipping charge of $19.55. I spoke w/ Brittany, who said that they would plan to credit the shipping charges back to me. However, the appropriate credit was never issued by GSN. At that point, I had no choice but to call my credit card company and file a dispute. I'm very disappointed with the way Customer Service handled this issue, as the mix-up with my order was 100% GSN's fault.

FROM Gem Shopping

We did make sure that Helga received her full credit for shipping and refunded the $19.55 and she continues to shop with us and we thank her for her business! 

Debra on 3-29-19

Purchased a pendant

Love have had many complements already.

Joanne on 3-28-19

Purchased a ring

I got my granddaughter a beautiful faceted opal ring cut by Ben Kho and it's so beautiful that I wanted to keep it for myself!

Donna on 3-22-19

Purchased a jade ring

Oh my gosh I just got my ring, it is so beautiful. I love it. I have been looking for a long time and it is just perfect.

Debra on 3-22-19

Purchased earrings

Pink sapphire and diamond earrings

Brandy on 3-21-19

Purchased earrings

Just received Kat Florence earrings and they are beautiful. Every Kat Florence I've been lucky to purchase has been extraordinary. Also Don's Amethysts are so beautiful as well. I love the blue hues.

Sandy on 3-21-19

Purchased a Kat Florence ring

So beautiful! I am delighted to own; please tell Don "thank you"!

Joanne on 3-13-19

Purchased a ring

I bought a beautiful facated Ethiopian opal ring, cut by Ben, for my 14 year old granddaughter. It is her birth stone and she was just crowned Outstanding Teen in her towns pageant. She loves it and, I loved it so much I wanted to keep it for myself. It just GLOWED. Michelle included a sweet note which thrilled me to death because I adore Michelle!

Karen on 3-6-19

Turquoise necklace

Mike, this was to the moon and back. Love, love, love this Gabby piece of turquoise. Will wear it for a long time and love it always, thank you for bringing it to me...

Donna on 2-13-19

Purchased a ruby pendant

Burma Ruby brought for $13000.00 well took it to my GIA specialist - well appraised for $ 48500.00 very nice ruby pendant

Laurie on 1-18-19

Purchased a pendant

My pin/pendant is exactly as described Love it!

Cara on 1-18-19

Purchased a ring

This is a nice ring & I like it. However it was listed as a sz. 7 & I believe it is actually a 6 1/2. I can get it on but it's tight. I am a perfect 7 & my other 2 purchases were 7's & are just right.

Cara on 1-18-19

Purchased a ring

I love this ring! The diamonds are clean & they are fiery. Thanks GSN!

Cara on 1-3-19

Purchased a ring

I ordered this ring on New Year's Eve & had it 2 days later! It is gorgeous. No way could I have gotten it for the price anywhere else! The photo does not do it justice!

Victoria on 12-14-18

Purchased a ring

I really wanted a Sapphire ring because it is my son's birthstone and the customer service was amazing. It was my first time and they made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions. They showed a few different options for an amazing price. I still can't believe the amazing deal I got on such a beautiful ring! The Sapphire is so gorgeous and the accent diamonds make it look even more beautiful and expensive all on platinum. They even sized it perfectly for me! Couldn't be happier with my purchase! Will buy all my jewelry from Gem Shopping Network from now on! Thank you so much!

Rachelle on 11-29-18

Purchased a diamond cross

I thought I'd found the perfect "Cross" I'd been searching so long for. I was extremely excited to open the box, because it was advertised as having "Pink" diamonds too. I had to get the 30/60 times jeweler's loop to see what might be the rose gold helping create some pink flash, but it's more like my imagination wishing to catch more than what might be a fleeting faint hue of pink. Still, I couldn't give Gemshopping less than five stars, as there was no hesitation in granting my desire to return the piece. That's "5 Star" service by a "5 Star" company.

Cyndi on 11-26-18

Purchased a ring

I purchased a diamond band from Mike a few months ago. The quality of the diamonds are impeccable and the gold is heavy. I paid to have it sized from a 7 to a 6. When I received it, it was really tight. I thought maybe it was because the under gallery was completely closed. I took it to my jeweler and he checked the size; it was sized to a 5 3/4. That's my only complaint. I wouldn't risk sending the ring back to GSN , even insured, to have them size it correctly because there is always a chance of it getting lost or stolen. I ended up paying a lot more to have it sized correctly. I love my ring. It was a 25th anniversary gift from my husband but I picked it out. I've always been happy with my purchases. Beautiful gems!

Genevieve on 11-23-18

Purchased several pieces

We have shopped all over the carribean seas including Columbia. Your prices are less than our best deals when you auction price. Wish you would tell more about the cut and clarity.

Denise on 10-7-18

Purchased several pieces

I have purchased too much to mention in one review. Fave hosts, Mike and Sam. From my Bulgari earrings, Choppard ring, Passpaly pearls, Jadeite bangles, etc. I am a GIA grad, so I like to think I know what I am doing. I still think about the items that got away; or I returned :) Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and returns are simple. Dumb to pay retail. BUT THIS BULGARI PIECE STILL HAUNTS ME!

Linda on 9-29-18

Purchased a necklace

Thank you Ben for these delightful Opal Earrings! I ALWAYS know I'm getting the very BEST quality when I order from you. I LOVE them!!!!

Ruth on 9-10-18

Purchased a necklace and 2 rings (3  Five star reviews)

This yellow diamong pendant is much better seen in person, It is alive.

Shipping was prompt and fast. This ring is alive. MUCH MUCH better in person.

The Buma Ruby Ring was better than described and gorgeous. Better seen in person.

Dawn Marie on 9-9-18

Purchased earrings

They have some really great deals. For the last year I have wanted Mandarin Garnett and finally got them! They were a little smaller thaan I thought, but I still love them! Next acquisition will be Padparascha sapphire!

Robin on 8-11-18

Purchased a necklace

I have a couple of Ambanja demantoid garnet rings that are pretty but rather ocluded and small. The ring I purchased from GSN is a 0.30 carat demantoid, eye clean and beautiful thru my loupe. The fire is spectacular. There ring also has 0.33 of brilliant firey pave set diamonds in white gold. There was actually a bit more gold than I expected. This was my first purchase and certainly will not be my last! The picture doesn't do it justice.

Pamela on 8-10-18

Multiple pieces

Almost every item I have purchased is of superior quality. I have had to return only two for quality reasons. Liam in sales is the best! Love gem shopping and the quality they bring to jewelry shopping and customer service. No one does it better online! Thanks!

Mary on 7-26-18

Purchased a necklace

This was first purchase. It's a lovely little diamond necklace purchased from a crazy wheel. I am amazed at what I got for the price. 1/4 karat of brilliant white diamonds. I didn't want to spend much for 1st purchase. The people where wonderful and I'm very pleased.

Rachel on 6-30-18

Purchased a ring

One of my favorite vendors on the show is David from AZ. I have watched or even recorded the shows when I know he is coming to GSN. Each time I would longingly look at the Art Deco rings he brought and dreamed I would some day afford one of the pieces of history. the last time the came, I called in to finally purchase one of the diamond and sapphire rings, but was too late and it had already sold. I took a leap of faith and ask the representative to ask David to choose a ring that he might have in my price point. He chose 4 rings for me to see and I feel in love with the 4th and final ring. I was so pleased with the ring when it arrived and have worn it several times. Every time I wear the ring in public, someone always comments on the beauty of the ring. I have been told numerous times that it is "stunning". Thank you David for choosing one of your pieces for me to finally have as my own.

(Second post) Absolutely loved the Art Deco ring David from AZ offered as one within my price range. I have worn it several times and always get compliments. So glad I took a chance and got this one!.

Rachel on 6-30-18

Purchased a Kat Florence ring

This was one of my favorite Kat Florence purchases. Even though it is a small (.69 ct) ruby, the same craftmanship and attention to detail was given this piece. In the past I have bought a couple of sphene rings and a pair of her Kite diamond earrings and each time I was delighted with my purchase. I truly am thankful that she takes into consideration those of us who simply cannot afford her higher end pieces and creates the more modest range of jewelry. Nevertheless, I think I have more opportunities to wear my "pudgy pear" shaped ruby than some of the larger pieces. Thank you Kat for sharing your artistry with me.

Diane on 6-11-18

Purchased rings

I have been very happy with my many purchases with you. If I was unhappy about something, I would immediately return it and I got a refund soon. The sales reps were courteous and I have learned so much about gemstones. I will not be shopping in a retail jewelry shop again.

George on 4-30-18

Purchased a ring

I purchased a beautiful, one of a kind, green Tourmaline cat's eye ring for my wife on April 26, 2018 (4 days ago). Today I received my ring, however it is the WRONG ring. GSN tagged a ring that was not the green tourmaline ring I purchased from a live auction, but rather a sillimanite cabochan cat's eye ring that is dark purple grey. Been watching GSN for a very long time and have recently purchased quite a few beautiful pieces, however, very sad that I received the wrong item. If anyone out there received my green tourmaline cat's eye please notify GSN

Bonnie on 4-26-18

Tanzanite ring

First of all, I have two tanzanite rings which are exceptional, but I wanted to 'upgrade' to a larger stone. Actually I wanted a sapphire, but this tanzanite has strong saturation and a medium dark color. The diamonds are exceptional and frame the tanzanite remarkably. I could not believe that my my winning bid was accepted for such an exquisite ring. Thank you, GemShipping.

David on 4-7-18

Purchased a ring from Ben

I bought several items over the past few months , but the mens ring I got from the master himself, BEN on his show the past Sunday, has made me so very happy. I had one I bought recently and wanted to sell it because I wasnt really happy and did not want to return it. Instead I saw his ring and bought it for a steal, under 300 dollars and love it so much. I put my other ring up for sale and have several offers but not sold yet. Either way, I couldnt be happier with this ring. I have to show you pictures because this baby is NEON green and it glows. lol

David on 3-4-18

A ring

Excellent. You have made my daughter very happy. I will say you could use some help on your internet end of sales. The bidding process is slow and usually over by the time the lapse catches up. The people on staff are great though.

Hanneke on 2-19-18

Purchased several Kat Florence rings

Gorgeous. I now proudly own 3 of her rings, first one was Madagascar color change garnet. A gem and proud to wear it. 2nd Red zircon and 3rd blue zircon. I am so pleased.  Absolutely breathtaking ring, proud to call it mine.

Hanneke on 2-26-18

Purchased several Kat Florence rings

The Kat Florence rings Awesome but the chrome tourmaline was a disappointment so I am returning that one. Customer service quick and no problems. Overall I had a tough beginning with purchases but GSN treated me with respect and after educating myself more my experience has been great..

Jean on 2-23-18


We are thrilled with our recent purchase of a Amayani Zambian emerald ring. It was our first purchase with you, but it will not be our last! Thank you for the gorgeous ring! The quality just blew us away!.

Hanneke on 2-19-18

Purchased several Kat Florence rings

Gorgeous. I now proudly own 3 of her rings, first one was Madagascar color change garnet. A gem and proud to wear it. 2nd Red zircon and 3rd blue zircon. I am so pleased.  Absolutely breathtaking ring, proud to call it mine.

Kathy on 2-14-18

Purchased emerald ring

Very pleased with my purchase from Gem Shopping Network! Everyone was pleasant and Pearl was especially helpful in my purchase. The ring is everything I hoped it would be, really very nice and I would not hesitate to do business with them again! Thank you!

Kim on 2-2-18

Purchased rings & earrings

Received both items yest and today . Quality is superb and beautiful artististry. I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from GSN. These designer items are some of the most beautiful I have received. Thank you.

Phyllis on 1-14-18

Purchased pearl and silver bracelets

Will give to granddaughters to play with. Too cheap to give as gift. I only paid $89 each, but expected more than this. Always in the past when I got "the special" and all other purchases were great. Love the show and shopped here often over the years. Just really disappointed in these bracelets.

Note from GSN - Phyllis we hate that you were unhappy with this purchase and want to remind you that it is eligible for our standard return policy.  We are glad that you like the show and your many other purchases. Please know that we value your comments and your business. 

Lynn on 12-3-17

Purchased several items

Over the last decade, I’ve purchased loose diamonds and turquoise, yellow and pink diamonds, diamond stud earrings, and so on. All wonderful quality and value – as promised. Thank you Shawn, Mike and Deanna, Mike the Opal Hunter, Steve, and all of you wonderful sales reps, especially Kathy and Pearl!

Lisa on 12-1-17

Purchased several items

I have been a customer of GSN for approx. 15years and have LOVED everything I have purchased. I have bought earrings, necklaces and rings of all gemstones including pearls and have been thrilled with the quality and customer service. I have recommended to many friends and will continue to do so.

Nora on 11-14-17

Purchased necklace pendant

Beautiful gem, exceptional quality and workmanship and it is made by a native American in the USA.

John on 11-11-17

Purchased loose gemstones

I purchased a loose Alexandrite and a loose Tanzanite in September. I like to design my own jewelry and take my sketches to a local jeweler to have the items made. He could not believe the size and quality of the two stones - his eyes nearly popped out of his head. I did not tell him how much I paid or where I got them but he had never seen a natural Alexandrite that was so clean. It is going to make a great gent's ring. The Tanzanite was better than any of the ones in his store and I paid a fraction of the price. It will make a beautiful pearl enhancer. Thanks Gem Shopping Network.

Barbara on 10-21-17

Purchased earrings and loose gemstones

I purchased several loose Tanzanite gemstones and also had them mounted for my daughters and myself by Gem Shopping and was very pleased. The loose stones were beautiful and the Padparadscha earrings sparkle in the sunlight!

Eileen on 10-19-17

Purchased an opal bead necklace

Not very happy is just the beginning of my reaction to receiving the opal necklace. The size presented on t.v. is extremely enhanced by magnification.

Note from GSN - Our camera staff work very hard to show each item with a reference point, either on model or on the neck display so that viewers can see the actual size. We also try to include a 10X view so you can see inclusions or flaws in a stone as well as the detail of the jewelry that is shown. Eileen we are truly sorry that you felt the item was not properly displayed when you saw it on TV and we are glad the item was eligible for our standard return policy. As a viewer if you ever want to see an item on a model we are happy to do that live on air, just let your telephone sales rep' know you would like to see the item modeled. Thank you Eileen for taking the time to share your thoughts. 


Jeanne on 10-1-17

Purchased a ring

I happened upon the program that Ron and Hunter were doing with the Amyani and Kat Florence jewelry. I bought a total 4 Amyani rings, and one Kat Florence ring. All were very nice, however, the Kat Florence was far and above what I expected for the price. I hope there will be more Kat Florence offered at these prices in the future. Well worth it...couldn't be happier with all of my many purchases at GSN. They are the best! 5 Stars all the way

Amber on 9-21-17

Purchased a ring

Center pink diamond ring seem more like a purple-brownish (I2). Was told that the inclusions can't be seen by naked eye, but yes you can see it. Ring sized to 5.25, again problem with their sizing. Customer service gave ONLY two options: return for sizing again or return ring incurred 20% stocking fee.

Note from GSN  - restocking fees are only applied to items that have been altered or resized at the customers request. Many of our customers choose to purchase and receive rings to make sure they love them before resizing, this would avoid restocking fees if the ring is returned. Then the ring can be resized after you know you want to keep it.  Amber we are so sorry you were unhappy with your purchase and hope we were able to resolve the issues to your satisfaction. Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments. 

Timothy on 9-16-17

Purchased loose gemstones

3.53 ct loose Tanzanite. Great 4+ color and auction price was very good. Very happy with auction and purchase.

Cecilia on 9-8-17

Purchased ring

oh my goodness!I received my Brazilian Spene ring purchased last weekend from one of Don's collection. The stone is simply amazing.I have finally gotten my perfect sphene. The quality of the stone is impecable with precision cutting. Well done gem Shopping and Don.

Josh on 9-7-17

Purchased several items

Love Gem Collectors with Shawn. It continues to be an exceptional, educational, and entertaining show to watch. I look forward to the new shows each week. Shawn brings gems and minerals that you can't find anywhere else for amazing prices. Highly recommend the show and Gem Shopping-Thanks!

Michael O. on 9-3-17

Purchased ring

Okay, no question that the Amayani brand and Kat Florence are excellent. Some question the low diamond weight, but with diamonds of that qualiity, a little is all it takes.

Michael V. on 8-25-17

Purchased a ring

just received my white diamond ring im happy bright colored diamonds sharp ring.

Michael V. on 8-24-17

Purchased bracelet

the braclet did come in 3 days so delivery was great the packing was also very nice when i opened the box was little disappointed in the width of the braclet i guess when you see in on tv the camera makes the product much bigger

Linda on 8-24-17

Purchased a brooch

We loved the brooch

Linda on 8-17-17

Purchased Pearl necklaces, earrings, and shells

Just as David Norman so graciously described! He is so nice, so polite, easy on the ear, and so soft on the eyes!

Virginia on 7-24-17

Purchased several pieces

Just loving my teddy bear necklaces (two to be exact). I watched gem shopping for over a year and was unsure and one day decided to buy a pair of earrings and loved them. Between Hunter the bargain hunter and Wes the sophisticated oh so knowledgeable gem expert you can't go wrong. Sweet James the sales representative is outstanding and will help you find the perfect piece whether your looking for a five hundred piece or one in the thousands he Will make your day.

Donna on 7-10-17

Purchased a Ring

Just received ring today. Love it!!! Purchase on JULY 4th, how appropriate.

Jacqueline on 6-18-17

Necklace and Ring

All my purchases are beautiful, Nanis, Gianni B, K Florence and I am getting to know the helpful staff. I love Alan's knowledge and he puts heart and soul into every piece. Thank you Don for bringing such beautiful jewelry to the GSN family! You made it possible for me!

June on 5-30-17

Purchased a Paraiba Butterfly Ring

For the price i'm a little disappointed, ring band is very narrow and ring mount itself is very "flat" on the hand, not much gold for the price

Sandra on 5-26-17

Purchased a Ring

I absolutely love the added bling the diamond band adds to my solitaire wedding rings.

Mark on 5-26-17

Purchased a Pendant

Outstanding craftsmanship. Very pleased with the Amyani line

Terry on 5-26-17

Purchased a Ring

I have purchased quite a few items from GSN and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. GSN has the quality, an amazing array of styles, excellent pricing, and service. I've attached a picture of just one example. Love this ring. Thank you GSN

Diana on 5-26-17

Loves to watch

I have not made a recent purchase but watch you all every day. I love love love this channel. My sister calls you all my Wish List in real life.

Donn on 5-25-17

Rings, Pendants and Earrings

I've purchased many items from GSN, and they are always stunning and well worth the price. The only time I had to return an item (when my husband ordered me a chain that I already had) it was hassle free and quickly refunded. They have a selection that you would have to go to jewelry stores all over the world to find. I love shopping on GSN!

Payel on 5-22-17


A blue sapphire

Hanneke on 5-16-17

Purchased a tourmaline ring

I bought my 3rd item. Tourmaline ring in platinum from Mike on 5/11/2017. Item arrived 5/15/2017 and I am pleased with the purchase. Ring is absolutely beautiful and I must say Mike is the best. He moves quickly, answers all questions and is patient and understanding that not all of us can spend thousands of dollars to own a nice piece of jewelry. Thank you Mike, I am super happy.

Joe on 5-8-17

Many items!

Bought mineral specimens and gemstones from Shawn several times and was very happy with them all can't wait for his new internet show so we can watch and buy all the time and learn about minerals also he's my favorite host for sure

Donna on 4-28-17

Purchased Native American Jewelry

Love all the JEWELRY I have purchased. Native American pieces are beautiful. I have a large collection, most of my pieces were purchased on a reservation I was lucky enough to go to invited love Mike and Dianna shows.can't wait for more shows.

Connie on 4-24-17

Purchased earrings

I am in ♡ w/these earrings. So glad i tuned in & am now a regular customer..

Mary on 4-7-17

Purchased a ring

I purchased a yellow and white diamond ring. The diamonds are all super clean and very good quality. Came with a GIA report. I am happy to purchase from Gem Shopping Network as I can depend on their integrity and quality of merchandise.

Nora on 4-5-17

Purchased a bracelet

Very beautiful charoite Sterling silver native American bracelet

Cheryl on 4-5-17

Purchased a ring

It was a peridot and tsavorite garnet ring. One of the diamonds in the halo is not set right and one of the prones is off center and nearly straight. this was my third purchase and more than likely my last.

GSN note: we are working with Cheryl to make sure she is happy with her ring and that all the stones are correctly set

Karen on 4-2-17

Purchased several items

I have loved each and every piece I have purchased from Gem Shopping Network. I just purchased an Alexandrite ring for my mother for Christmas and it is gorgeous ! The service was unbelievable. I love all the hosts and all the hardworking phone assistants. I purchased an estate sapphire and diamond ring set in platinum and am anxiously awaiting its arrival !!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!

Ann on 3-28-17

Just loves to watch us!

Shawn, Steve, Alan and Wes: I just love all the information you-all pass on to us. And especially to Shawn, who is one of the funniest men I've had the pleasure of being acquainted with! and just love all the stories. One day I hope to make a purchase! Up here in Massachussetts we only have you on the TV from 1:00AM to 9AM so Shawn I spend long and late evenings watching and listening to you on Monday mornings. It's delightful but wish you were on more often and at more convenient times. . but I know you have a lot of people to see, places to go, and things to do. Sorry for such a long email. . . .Just keep on enjoying your life!

Joe on 3-27-17


Marcia on 3-25-17

Purchased an emerald ring

I purchased this ring at auction on Jason's early morning show. The emerald is more beautiful than it was on television. It has exceptional clarity and it had a great price too!

Donna on 3-17-17

Purchased a ring and bracelet

I purchased a bracelet during a trunk show. I was sent the wrong bracelet. I was very upset as I had also purchased a ring to match. I returned the bracelet at my cost. I've been told that they would review the show before they would refund my shipping costs. I understand that this takes time. I get the feeling it's not really being done and that no one really cares about this error. I have asked many times if it's possible to get the bracelet I ordered and no one seems to care about that either. I just don't feel like there is "customer" sevice. I've been watching for years. I've seen some beautiful jewels. Love them all but not sure I want to buy anymore.

GSN note: We are working with Donna to try to find the bracelet she wanted and will make sure she does not have any charges associated with our mistake

Sharon on 3-13-17

Purchased a mineral

Bought a large drusy quartz specimen from The Rock Star Shawn & I love it! It's absolutely gorgeous. It came with a stand but I've found myself rotatating it 90degrees horizontally, then vertically. There are so many ways to display this piece! A great price for a beautiful specimen. Thank you for another lovely item, Shawn.

Judy on 3-9-17

Purchased a necklace

SWEET SPHENE! Thank you Ben!!

Julia on 3-4-17

Purchased a diamond and semi-mount

I bought a 1 ct colored diamond from Mark. Very glad it has a GIA report. Then I was picking out a semi-mount. I couldn't make a decision so asked Cynthia what she thought. She said one of the mounts was just beautiful. I trusted her opinion and got it. When I opened the box, it jumped out at me. It is just beautiful. The diamonds on the mount are incredible ! And it was on sale. Not my first purchase but best one for sure. Thanks Cynthia for taking the time with me and giving great advice.

Kathy on 3-3-17

Purchased a Cushion Diamond

I could barely see the diamond, can't believe how magnified it is on your program.

GSN note: Yes Kathy when we zoom in we get to 10X so that our viewers can see any imperfections in the gemstones before they purchase them. We do try to show on model shots too so you can see the relative size of jewelry on a models hand.  

Rick on 2-21-17

Purchased a Custom Tanzanite Gents Ring

Thanks to Pearl and Ben! Completely custom ring, great price, Ben is my newest best friend, and he doesn't even know it.


Richard on 2-18-17

Purchased a loose stone and mount

After making a lot of purchases from many GSN hosts over several years, including Green,Yellow and Pink Diamond, Oregon Sunstone, Flourescent Mint Green Garnet and Grandidierite rings just to name a few . I bought a gemstone at auction and a semi mount, NOT so pleased with semi-mount. Asked for prongless mount (bezel,tension, compression) and was shown a mount without a head not realizing it needed one, needless to say four prongs are more than none. Maybe my budget was to small? Makes me wonder if it's really about satisfying the customer or making the sale.

Joe on 2-14-17

Purchased a Deco Ring

I had wanted an art deco ring for my wife for awhile, and Gem Shopping Network, and Steve, made it possible - they had a real assortment to chose from. It came in time for Valentine's Day, and looked great! We were really amazed, and very happy.

Barbara on 2-11-17

Purchased a Ring

Champagne diamond looks pink in the sunlight- love it!

Jackie on 2-9-17

Purchased a Tanzanite Ring

I have both bougt and and returned rings over the last two years, being an avid GSN customer. In trying things and learning about the gems and jewlery I have become a smarter, more educated buyer. I just bought a lovely (LOVELY) 4.78 carat tanzanite ring in white gold. This may be my new favorite ring. GSN said it was top gem quality and they were 100% right. I got a wonderful price on top of everything else and I couldn't be more pleased!

Ruth on 2-8-17

Purchased a Ring

Shopping online- it is so hard to hear the gemstone call out to you, but I took a chance on an Opal ring, and it is just magical! Rainbows and flashes of color, no blind spots! Thank You!!

Pamela on 1-31-17

Purchased a loose stone

Super great stone. Very pleased with item purchased through GSN. Never disappointed in what have bought. Try them you will love them!!!!

Nancy on 1-29-17

Several purchases

Ring from David & Steve, Meteorite pieces from Shawn - I purchased a natural blue diamond ring with pink stones around it. This was the fulfillment of my husband's dream. He always wanted me to have a blue diamond, but felt he couldn't afford it. When his health failed, he voiced his disappointment that he never had found such a treat for me. Thanks for fulfilling his dream. It was VERY expensive, but VERY special. Shawn - I purchased 2 packets of meteorite pieces from you for Christmas gifts for teen-age boys. I'm now known as the "really cool aunt in Calif." thanks to them Thanks for making them available, along with the other educational items you feature!! How about dinosaur bones for next Christmas???

Jacqueline on 1-27-17

Purchased a jade pendant

Enjoying my Burma Jadeite necklace. Thank you Sam!

Sharon on 1-18-17

Purchased a yellow & white diamond ring

To start the New Year, I purchase a fancy yellow & white diamond ring from Steve's Designer Showcase. Being New Years Day, there was extra special pricing. Absolutely LOVE the ring! Its stunning. I'd like to find stud earrings in the same yellow cluster stones...Thanks, Steve, for the GORGEOUS yellow diamond ring, it's really hard to get a picture that does it justice. Love your show, you have the designers eye & experience & your Host Picks items show this. Best wishes!

Ramey on 1-16-17

Purchased several items

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching Shawn, Alan, and Wes... These three have taught me so much about gems. I've purchased a few things and all have been fantastic. I just wanted people to know that these three are the absolute smartest on jewerly TV right now. I respect them, and love to watch and learn, then dial and buy...LOL. Thanks for explaining every purchase! Love you guys!!

Rick on 1-9-17

Purchased gemstones

I was kinda tired of looking at my wifes nice gem collection of Emerald, Diamond, Tanzanite, Rubies, So my New Years resolution was to start my own. Thanks to Pearl my rep, for being patient as we wheeled and dealed, got the right mountings, and pestered the bejesus out of the Hosts. We are well on our way. Tanzanite-Check. Diamond-Check. Emerald-Check. Sapphire-Check.

Ruth on 1-6-17

Purchased pendant

Received the South Sea Golden Pearl/diamond pendant (from Mike) with a hairline crack around the center of the pearl :-( very disappointed!!! Lost the $100 coupon credit on the purchase as well

Note: Ruth returned the pendant and we are very sorry she was not happy with it. We had a graduate gemologists check the item carefully but the piece displayed no cracks. There were however natural marks in the nacre of the pear which was not a flawless round pearl.

TJ on 12-17-16

Purchased opals

Thank you to Jason and Perry for the opal bracelet! You honored the price from your previous show! Trish has helped me get so many beautiful things. She is a gem herself! Thank you for giving such great deals. Thank you Hunter for giving great deals on the opals. TRISH! Thank you to Darryl, Liam, Ulysses, Sarah, Brittany and James: such kind people even when I can't make up my mind! I love my opal bracelet and I'm never taking it off!!!

Rachel on 12-12-16

Purchased a pink sapphire ring

Not much to describe. It's a little sapphire, 14k gold The color is pink. I'm happy to wear it. Can't afford most of the nicer jewelry, but i'm pleased with what I got.

Jackie on 12-10-16

Purchased a red tourmaline ring with double halo diamonds

This is a Ben Kho ring and his rings are always perfectly cut, beautifully mounted. This is my second "Cut by Ben" ring but definitely will not be my last. I love this red tourmaline and have been wearing it since it came out of the box!

Andrea on 12-3-16

Purchased a Ring

A beautiful 74 carat star ruby. Antique I think. Set in silver with diamonds in snakes wrapped around the stone. A perfect 6 point star. Thanks!

Karen on 12-1-16

Purchased a custom Imperial Topaz Ring

OMG, this ring is beautiful! Ben did a magnificent job and I will definitely be a repeat customer. I have bought several rings from GSN and they are all high quality. Also bought one of those yellow diamonds and now I will I had had GSN set it, it would have cost me a lot less money. That said, it still appraised for much more than I spent on the stone and setting.

Suzanna on 12-1-16

Purchased a ring

Australian Semi Black Opal 4.17 ct.

Rachel on 11-13-16

Purchased a ruby ring

The ruby was not that great... It was from Burma but that doesn't mean you got the best ruby in the worl. Plus side were the colorless diamonds and the ruby intself was transparent. So both good news & bad news.

Norma on 11-5-16

Purchased heart earrings

The earrings are really lovely and wish I could get the ring that matches them.

Ruth on 11-5-16

Purchased "several assorted pieces"

everything i have purchased from GEM SHOPPING has been beautiful and a great deal. I LOVE IT ALL

Robyn on 11-3-16

Purchased a Ring

I love red spinel and saw a ring on Bryan and Perry's show. I even got extra help from staff in describing the stone. I love the ring. Incredibly neon red in a well made 18k gold mount with diamonds. Thanks guys!

Erian on 10-25-16

Purchased a Ring

This is a good news, bad news, note. We love every item purchased in the past. And we have had such good service, we've become spoiled. However, we purchased a ring four days ago and had to call to find the status of the purchase. There was no e-mail message to tell us. When we called a record couldn't be found because Gem Shpping has an account for each telephone we own - and we own five. Also, we have two addresses. The order tracking system doesn't fit our situation. And we are still waiting - after four days - to get our order. That's the bad news.

Judy on 10-14-16

Purchased a Ring

For a long time I hoped to have a star sapphire ring. I've been a fan of Gem Shopping for a while and knew I'd find the price and quality I wanted. Then I kept watching and I found it!! A beautiful star sapphire ring with a great star, beautiful color and wonderful setting AND cut by Ben!! What more could you want!/p>

Amy on 10-9-16

Purchased several items

I have purchased many items from GSN, and have always loved every piece. The only time l returned an item was because l didn't like the way it looked on me. They were very accommodating, and l received my refund in one week. I enjoy all the hosts, especially Alan, as l always learn so much from him. In the past, l have always bought my jewelry from high end stores, but after watching GSN and enjoying the variety of merchandise and the prices, l rarely buy anything from retailers anymore. Keep showing lots more of Sam's beautiful estate jewelry, too!

Lori on 10-5-16

Purchased a Ring

I have been shopping for a pink diamond that had pink to it. My husband and I bought one from a different company and when we got it it was not pink. It was in rose gold and that was the only thing that even made it seem pink. I watch gemshopping all the time and saw my ring and ask the sale agent if it was really pink or just in rose gold. They even put it on a model which let me see what it looks like on the hand. I love love love it. The price was a good value and the pink diamond glisten like stars. I will be saving to upgrade soon and get more.

Christina on 10-3-16

Purchased Mandarin garnet heart ring

I love this ring. In fact, a student of mine today comment on the ring and said it showed up from afar. It is wonderful. I was hunting for a heart shaped mandarin garnet ring and was happy when gemshopping had one.

 Linda on 9-29-16

A long time customer with several purchases over the years was kind enough to write several reviews of her purchases:


I never thought a scorpion could be beautiful, until my husband bought my daughter one!


Beautiful green tourmaline and diamonds in the most beautiful setting I have ever seen!


Sensational free form Mexican fire opal with three colors, topped with a little purple butterfly!


I love jade, but was a bit disappointed by a carved jade red ring by Sheentiff; it was a beautifully carved ring, but the color was somewhat muddy.


I'm a jade person, so am delighted to find quality jadeites right here! I bought an icy green jadeite horse head pendant to a diamond bridle as well as a red carved jadeite ring from Sheentiff. Although described as 'ice jade' I love my icy green nephrite horse head jade with a bridle of diamonds! Truly a piece of art!! Delighted with both prices!!!! Always a joy to do business with such nice hosts and sale reps!!! 


Platinum, white gold, diamonds, and a pair of emeralds … were finely created to make a beautiful pair of clip on estate earrings that I am delighted with!

Michael on 9-23-16

Purchased Gents Estate Diamond Ring

Admittedly, I am normally not that fond of estate gents rings. However, when I saw this beauty, I made exception. Done in 14K gold, with a full one carat of nice colored diamonds, and a full gold back, it turned out to be an outstanding value. My thanks again to Marvin and Wes. I am convinced this ring would have been three or four times as much out in retail. My new daily wear!!

David on 9-22-16

Purchased a ring

Great quality and price

Linda on 9-22-16

Purchased a African Opal Necklace

Hi Mr. Mike. Here is my review for the African Opal Necklace...Its fantastic!!! The colors are brilliant out in the sun. The necklace is nicely made and looks just beautiful on. I wish the opals were a bit larger BUT with this kind of color play in can definitely be on the smaller side. I was completely intrigued when you said it was from that particular location in Africa! I just love that. I kinda wish that the location of the gemstones you all sell at Gem Shopping had the gemstone "source/origin" included. That would be wonderful for collectors like me. Thank you for a fabulous purchase!!! Happy, Happy, Happy Customer!!!

Michael on 9-20-16

Purchased custom orders from Ben

Our latest addition of custom made by Ben rings!! The ring on the left has a 1.35 carat Cognac from Mark T., then set in one of Ben's custom floating halo mounts. The ring on the right is a 3.5 carat lightning ridge black opal from Mark T., set in one of Ben's oval east/west men's settings!! Both are awesome, and additional thanks to Addina for all her help as usual!!

Carol on 9-19-16

Purchased a Ring and a Pendant

Daniel was great helping select my two choices. He deserves an award!

Karen on 9-16-16

Purchased a Ring

What a pretty orange diamond ring!

Kathy on 9-14-16

Purchased earrings, 18K gold, pink and white diamonds

LOVE, LOVE Mark the Opal Hunter & the best quality colored diamonds he offers at incredibly low prices to GSN customers!!!

James on 9-14-16

Purchased several rings

Long overdue thank you from long time customer bought my first gemstone here! Very happy customer

Overwhealmed thanks Marvin & Wes!

Patricia on 9-13-16

Purchased Several Rings

Star sapphire, emerald and 2 emerald and diamond rings

Nancy on 9-13-16

Purchased a Ring

I purchased a beautiful 14K white gold, pink sapphire and diamond ring as a graduation gift. The whole family fell in love with the ring and no one believed what I paid. I have been a GSN customer since they started selling loose gemstones on TV. Thanks you GSN for your quality and value on everything I have purchased. I can't recommend you highly enough!!!

Joanne on 9-13-16

Purchased a Ring

My experience with sales rep was great, disappointed in item. Ring was pretty but did not live up to my expectations.  I just received the ring today and returned it.

Sue Ann on 9-10-16

Purchased a Ring

Great experience as always. Beautiful sunstone cut by Ben (my favorite) in a beautiful Ben mounting. WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL WANT??!!

Dr. Stephen on 9-10-16

Purchased Megaladon Teeth

I'm so happy with everything I have gotten from Shawn, Mark, Hunter, Marvin, Kurt, and Ben. Keep up the great work. I'm a true loyal client.

Christine on 9-5-16

Purchased Earrings

I love Ben's stone cuttings. i have four pair of his earrings, 1 ruby facet cut, one ruby cab, once opal cab and imperial topaz facet. all are gorgeous.

Linda on 9-4-16

Purchased Earrings

Sapphire/gold huggy earrings by a top designer that I can wear every day! Bought by husband as a gift which made them even more special!

Laurie on 9-3-16

Purchased Champagne Diamond Ring

Thrilled with my ring, elegant and understated. I couldn't be happier. The customer service was amazing. I asked for a picture so I could show my husband my ring. Shortly after my request, there was the picture in my email. Thanks!

Rachael on 9-3-16

Purchased Loose Gemstones

We bought the 1.18 emerald cut sapphire (labeled purple but it's purple under incandescent light and blue in natural sunlight) and two cushion cut yellow diamonds from Mark with a .63 twt. Our local jeweler put this together as per my directions. We love GSN!

Christina on 9-2-16

Purchased a Ring

I love the heart mandarin garnet ring. It is lovely.

Judith on 9-2-16

Purchased a Ring

I love the ring! It's even prettier than I thought from looking at the online photo. Thank you so much to Clay and Meredith, both of whom helped me with my purchase.

Linda on 9-2-16

Purchased - 25 ct Lemon citrine over diamonds from trey ; FABULOUS and more fun to wear!!!

Very unusual estate piece that you could see the diamond design over through the top of the citrine.

Carol on 8-31-16

Purchased Sapphire 18kt white gold bracelet.

Exactly what I wanted, and in my size 7.5. Also your packing is excellent, I was impressed. Beautiful bracelet.

Deborah on 8-26-16

Purchased Earrings

Earrings were OK, just unsuitable for me personally.

Norman on 8-25-16

Won a ring!

I guessed the size of a stone and won a Mandarin ring! Wes and Brian were amazed that I guessed within 5 points of the stone. They are the nicest people I have dealt with, but Alan is my favorite. He is very interesting to listen to.

Christina on 8-25-16

Purchased - see her comments below.

I have purchased hot pink sapphire, D Block Tanzanite, Alexandrite, Color change Garnet, Cat's Eye Alexandrite, Opal of many types and origins.......I have learned more from these people esp. Alan, Shawn and the pearl people as well as Ben. I am impressed at their knowledge and technique, I cut stones with my daddy prior to 1976 and he was a Rock Hound and I was his pebble pup.... I have grown into a full fledged rock hound. I cut opal, honey onyx, malachite and lapis lazuli with my dad, it was an awesome experience. I lost him when I was 13, he was 37 but his love of stone, geodes etc live on in me and my nieces. Thank you for carrying the torch that lights my way to more interesting and educational things this earth has to offer! I love my stone purchases and have set many.

Terry on 8-24-16

Purchased a Ring

I recently had an issue with a ring I purchased as it was not what I thought it would be. GSN worked with me to resolve the situation and proved they are a company of integrity that stands behind their products. I have made quite a few purchases from GSN and will continue to do so because GSN has won my trust and respect. Quality products from quality people.

Pamela on 8-16-16

Purchased a Ring

I absolutely LOVE , my ring. So many people have complemented on its beauty and rarity. I can't thank you enough. I enjoy your show and all the lovely host. I have referred many folks to your show. And they all are very amazed on your selection of gorgeous items. Again thank you very much.

Eric on 8-14-16

Purchased Jade

Extremely satisfied, Shawn the rock head is a nut, my favorite is Mike and Deanna, they are cool.

Sharon on 8-12-16

Purchased 2 carat shapphire ring with 1and 1/2 carat of diamonds 18 carat gold

Beautiful ring, well made and just as I was told by seller, purchased another ring I returned and purchased this one and no problem with returning or getting my refund for first ring. I so enjoy Gem Shopping network, will buy again.


Eveanne on 8-12-16

Purchased Loose Gemstones

The quality & price are excellent !!! My favorite is Mark The Opal Hunter

Ann on 9-29-16 

You fixed the ring sizing very nicely - thank you. 


Ann on 8-3-16

Purchased a Ring

Rose carved turquoise ring: stated as size 7 on t.v. and on receipts, tags & on ring; it is less than a 7 & is too tight! It was not the right size as advertized! 

Note: we resized the ring at no charge for the customer GSN


Eunice on 8-1-16

Purchased a peridot loose stone, yellow gold semi-mount with diamonds

I bought the peridot first, then the semi-mount. I sent the stone to be mounted & sized. Received it back quickly. I trust GSN.


Tricia on 8-1-16

Purchased multicolored diamond criss cross, yg

I have purchased items from your company and sadly had to return some things due to cracks or loose prongs. This ring however is delicate and lovely. It is exactly what I hoped. The sizing is perfect and you even put my request to check the settings on the invoice. I appreciate that and am happy this time. Thanks!


Bob on 7-26-16

Purchased a Ring and Bracelet in Ruby

Ordered for my wife's birthday. Quality is excellent. She was so pleased she wore them to work and her fellow employees asked for the web site address.


Jeanie on 7-24-16

Purchased a Ring

I don't have a lot of expendable cash but grabbed this ring at $XX. I smile every time I look at it. Makes it easier to resist amazing deals I've seen since. I'm retired with a horse or would have more jewelry!!


Ellen on 7-22-16

Purchased an Opal Ring

Have wanted a large African opal ring for some time. Found it on Mike's special turn-table. It's fabulous and so was the price!


Suzanna on 7-22-16

Purchased an Australian opal 4ct 70 points diamonds

I believe it had doubled in worth.


Stephani on 7-22-16

I love all my purchases throughout the years I have been watching GSN for about 4 yrs now. However, I am having a few difficulties with a couple of hosts. The item they are featuring have nothing to do the the first thing that comes out of their mouth to compare the item to, they misquote the description of the earrings backs they compare crosses to a Celtic cross. Where is the accuracy that in the past was critical to GSN code?

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