GSN Prestige Collection

GSN Prestige Collection.

Inside this exclusive club, you will gain access to our special curated collection of rare and fine jewelry before anyone else lays their eyes on them. And to make sure your shopping experience exceeds your expectations you will also have access to a private concierge every step of the way. Only the rarest and most stunning jewels will be included, take a look at our very first selection below.

Item number 131-921 Item number 131-1021 Item number 131-721

Classic hoop earrings with over six carats of sunshine yellow diamonds. These will definitely brighten your day. Call our concierge if you love this piece 888-626-6901.

Pink diamonds, the height of sophistication, wear these to the office or out for the evening – classic styles are always in good taste.

A waterfall of pink diamonds creates the ultimate evening look. With over fifteen carats of diamonds these earrings will never disappoint.

6.54 ctw Yellow Diamond & 2.04 ctw Diamond 18K 21.85gr Earrings

3.75 ctw Pink Diamond 18K 16.70gr Earrings

15.21 ctw Pink Diamond 18K 20.20gr Earrings


Item number 131-521 Item number 131-621 Item number 131-321

Bask in the glow of these sunny yellow diamonds. Each time you show your wrist you will see a dazzling ray of sunshine. There will be no gloomy days for the lucky lady wearing this bracelet.

What could be more beautiful than diamonds circling your wrist… well, pink diamonds of course. Over twelve carats of pink diamonds adorn this stunning piece.

This bracelet is in 18 karat gold beautifully patterned and topped with shapely end caps of pink and white diamonds.
Call our concierge if you love this piece 888-626-6901.

9.31 ctw Fancy Yellow Diamond & 1.45 ctw Diamond 18K 47.30gr Bracelet GIA Lab Report


12.42 ctw Pink Diamond & 1.48 ctw Diamond 18K 41.20gr Bracelet

1.21 ctw Pink Diamond & 1.18 ctw Diamond 18K 53.80gr Bracelet


Item number 131-1221 Item number 131-1121 Item number 131-1321

Shimmering pink, yellow and white diamonds adorn this fashionable necklace in a style perfect for day or evening wear.

The lady wearing this forty-carat pink diamond necklace loves being the center of attention and she definitely will be wearing this breathtaking piece.

Twenty five carats of pink diamonds in a timeless feline design in 18k gold with emerald eyes. Call our concierge if you love this piece 888-626-6901.

22.64 ctw Pink Diamond & 22.23 ctw Yellow Diamond 18K 63.50gr Necklace & 20.69ctw White Diamond

40.18 ctw Pink Natural Diamond 18K 77.80gr Necklace GIA Lab Report

25.07 ctw Pink Diamond 18K 93.13gr Necklace

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