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Meet Shawn

Shawn is a native of Ohio but grew up in Florida. His interest in gems started at age 11 when he was inspired by a family trip to the gem mines of the Cowee Valley in North Carolina. Shawn soon set a goal to be able to "pan for gold and prospect for gemstones". He wanted to be able to take raw materials and create a finished piece of jewelry with the "gifts from nature" and he achieved his goal by the age of 20.


Groups Shawn Supports

Shawn supports the TELLUS Science and Mineral Museum

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Favorite Quote

"It's just a leaverite," is something he says to clients who bring in rocks for evaluation. Showing his sense of humor, it means that the rock has no value, as in -- "leave it right where you found it."


His favorite stone is opal, because he says no two ever look alike.