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A Message From Our CEO

With the state of national emergency, we cannot help but think of all those we know and care about including our staff, vendors and customers during this challenging time.

For our part, we have been carefully monitoring this situation, including the applicable guidance from the CDC, OSHA, and other experts. We want to share some of the steps we are taking to keep our staff, their families, our vendors and our customers safe and keep our show on air and available for your enjoyment.

• Any customer who requests that their purchase be steam cleaned before shipping will receive that service at no charge, simply make the request with your sales rep’ at the time of purchase.

• We are performing deep cleaning on our studios on a regular basis with protocols suitable for COVID-19.

• We put in place meaningful restrictions to limit the number of people who can enter our main studios.

• We have schedules in place that require the very minimum of people to produce each show.

• All team members able to work from home are doing so.

• Per Georgia statewide requirements every person in our building is keeping a safe, minimum 6 ft distance from one another.

• Reduced work schedules for positions that require employees to be on-site.

• Outside visitors are strictly prohibited at this time.

• Only essential vendors are allowed.

• We have increased all building cleaning practices.

• All our teams are working in concert to ensure we can remain on air.

I trust you and your families are faring well during these times of unprecedented concern. Please be patient with us, as we have fewer staff working each shift and be aware that shipping may take us a little longer than usual. We hope you will stay with us and let us brighten your day – literally! Tune in and let our Team put a smile on your face or just to get your daily dose of bling.

Eduardo Hauser

Chief Executive Officer Gem Shopping Network Inc.